Skin Peels and Mesofiller treatments are £78 each or can be mixed and matched 3 treatments for £205

The No downtime Skin Peel from Skeyndor.

Using a mix of Enzyme and 50% Glycolic which change the Ph of the skin, brings about natural exfoliation. This is a medium strength peel, to give quick exfoliating and brightening effects to the skin. Using a specialised gel mask we restore the skin to it’s original Ph balance. The “No Downtime Peel”.

Derma Pro - Timeless Peel

Traditional chemical peels cause injury to the skin causing fresh collagen to rise and begin the healing process – new skin. The down side to this is that the skin is left photo sensitive and those receiving chemical peels may have to stay indoors for up to 14 days after the procedure . This is a treatment that uses 50% Glycolic Acid, applying a special ampoule using no needle Mesotherapy, to deliver the ingredients and break the cell chains – inducing instant cell release. The layer of the cells rise to the surface, instead of taking fourteen days, amazing results delivered instantly with zero Downtime.


Brightening Peel Pro - Pigmentation

The most advanced pigmentation treatment available on the market today. Using gene therapy via the no needle Mesotherapy current. The TGF peptide stops the message to the melanocytes cell that triggers pigmentation. Not only does it remove pigmentation from the surface of the skin, but it also removes it from the deeper layers of the skin and inhibits the recurrence of pigmentation.


Clear Balance Acne Peel

Using the Timeless peel, then additionally applying a topical anti biotic to the skin using No Needle Mesotherapy to clear the skin from bacteria and slow down oil secretion.