Shrinking Violet Body Wrap

120mins : £60.00
Course of 3 : £150.00

Shrinking violet wrap works by lipolysis which is an incredibly effective way to remove unwanted fat from the body without the need for surgery. The amount of fat reduction varies depending on our build. So whether you have a wedding to go to and your dress is too tight, want to look great in your bikini or you want to get back in to last summer’s jeans - this is the treatment for you!

Universal Contour Wrap

2 hours : £75.00
Course of 3 wraps : £190.00

Scientifically proven, Guaranteed to lose 6 inches with your first wrap – or your money back! Most universal wrap clients lose between 10 to 14”, meaning you could lose a dress size with 3 wraps in just 1 month! If you are looking to lose a few extra inches without going to the gym, then the universal contour wrap is the right choice for you. The UCW has the ability to draw toxins from the body in a giant poultice effect. Not only does this wrap detoxify the body, it compacts body tissue to revitalise the skin’s elasticity. The wrap also stimulates the lymphatic systems and exfoliates.

Skeyndor Cellulite Treatments

  • STEP 1. Skeyndor Lighter legs treatment – removes excess fluid that causes cellulite and repairs leaking veins. For clients that retain fluid in their legs. Great treatment for lower body.
  • STEP 2. Skeyndor destock treatment – tightens skin releasing the fibres wrapped around the fat cell allowing us to access the cell and break the fat into smaller particles.
  • STEP 3. Skeyndor mesoslim – elimates the broken down fat from the body via the Lymphatic system. Recommended treatments advised to individual clients. Course of 15-20 treatments required to remove cellulite so it does not come back.

60mins -£50 per treatment
Course of 10 – £450