Power Oxygen

The Power Oxygen Facial is perfect for asphyxiated, stressed skins that need to detox. Also for those who live or work in polluted urban areas. The pollution and lack of oxygen are two great enemies of the skin. Allowing too much pollution to enter the skin over time leaves the skin defenceless, and it loses its natural ability to detoxify and regenerate, reduced oxygen entering the skin means that the cells cannot produce much energy to hold their vitality! One of the most harmful air pollutants for our health is PM 2.5 suspended particles, (up to 20x smaller than the size of a pore) which is caused by human activity e.g. Driving cars. Skin under the effects of pollution show signs of dehydration, lack of luminosity, premature wrinkles. No uniform to the skin, pigmentation, rough texture and flaccid skin. It can be more reactive, redness and irritation, breakouts or acne.