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Skin Diagnosis/Timeless prodigy


My Skin Diagnosis is a concept developed by Skeyndor for the analysis of the skin. This analysis is carried out by the professional using a diagnosis kit which is unique on the market. It incorporates into one single lens the measurement of the 7 essential parameters of the skin. The kit analyses in detail with a camera, polarised lights and UV. This will determine skin issues such as wrinkles, irregular pigmentations, acne, etc. It will then indicate to the professional the most appropriate in salon treatments and at home care.

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Timeless Prodigy

Skeyndors Timeless Prodigy Utilising the latest cutting edge cosmetics to reverse the passage of time. Using an exclusive combination of luxury and science with a sensory experience. The most advanced anti-ageing Technology ever to be formulated in a Skeyndor treatment. Made with more than 25 ingredients to high concentrations and endorsed by over 130 clinical studies. Timeless prodigy combines 3 strategies of aesthetic rejuvenation: cell genesis activators, cell quality perfectors and cell functionality enhancers. Recommended course of 4 treatments for the optimum results.
Made with more than 25 active ingredients to high concentrations and endorsed by over 130 clinical studies, Timeless Prodigy combines 3 Strategies of Aesthetic Rejuvenation:

Cell Genesis Activators.
Substances that increase the number of cells, like stem cells of Damask Rose (France).

Cell Quality Perfectors.
Substances such as the extract of White Truffle from the region of Piedmont (Italy), also called the “White Diamond”, that protects and restores the quality of the cells and delay their entry into the senescence.

Cell Functionality Enhancers.
Substances that enhance the activity of cells, such as the Kombucha Tea.

Home Care Products

The Cream
Ultra-Anti-Aging Cream with a rich texture and silky application for middle-aged and mature, dry and very dry skins. Protects, repairs, and restructures the outer layers of the skin in a natural way, providing care and comfort for the more demanding skins.

The Serum.
Ultra-Anti-Aging Serum for all skin types with comfortable texture. Light in application, provides long lasting softness and hydration to the skin. With a Luminous finish and a velvety texture that adapts to any type of skin.

Professional Salon Treatment.

Skeyndor have created an exclusive treatment protocol, with two rituals inspired by the most refined and indulgent treatments. Every step involves the client in an experience of unique and unparalleled luxury in addition to their well-being of the five senses.

A Welcome Ritual inspired by the techniques of Thai massage, Shiatsu and energy rebalancing, induces the client in a state of deep relaxation and wellbeing.

Detoxifying Ritual inspired by the techniques of Lymphatic Drainage to give a deep detoxification.


The Professional Salon treatment contains the following active ingredients:

  • Detoxifying Jelly of Champagne (extract). A delicate melting jelly made with French Champagne. An Elixir of Antioxidants, enriched with a polysaccharide of French Polynesia, that purifies the skin of the urban pollutants to prevent premature ageing.
  • MULTIFACTOR VIAL 5 FC. Fluid of Proteoglycans and 5 Growth Factors selected specifically to ensure effectiveness when topically applied.
  • Concentrate of stem cells from the Damask Rose, stabilised in a fluid gel of Hyaluronic Acid of very low molecular weight for deep penetration: Detoxifying, Antioxidant, Anti-Pollution, Regenerating, Retexturizing wrinkles, Redensifying skin tissue, revitalising and hydrating.
  • 3D COLLAGEN MESH MASK for Face & Neck. Natural Mesh to stimulate Collagen and reaffirm the skin. Structured In 3 D to improve their adaptability and enhance its effectiveness. A Lifting Filler Treatment, with anti-wrinkle activity with immediately visible effects.
  • Cocktail of Multivitamins. Intensive Multivitamin cocktail that combines moisturising agents acting in synergy with three vitamins and antioxidants that activate, strengthen and nourish the skin instantly.
  • Redensifying Cream of White Truffle. Exquisite Cream made with an extract of delicate white truffle able to activate more than 40.000 anti-aging genes. An Emulsion of luxury with a sublime finish. Detoxifying, provides antioxidant effect, antipollution, Illuminator, energising, moisturising, firming, redensifying and lightening.

A unique sensory experience

Thanks to its aroma of fruit and fresh cut roses, Timeless Prodigy and it’s treatment ritual make for sensitive, romantic and sensory experience. The Bergamot with notes of wild raspberry provides an initial feeling of freshness. Continues with the delicacy of the rose and the Jasmine, modernized with a beautiful note of Magnolia. Finally, a drop of patchouli in a background of Amber and musk provides a wonderful perfume for the skin.



Perfect for combating global ageing, softening wrinkles, re-firming the eye contour and reducing eye bags and dark circles.  Native collagen mesh structured in 3D, impregnated with a solution rich of hyaluronic acid.


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